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FAQ & Delivery Information

Where are you based?

We are based in London (Camberwell, SE5) but we deliver anywhere in Mainland UK for free. Our cakes come with free delivery Tuesday to Friday, but if you want your cake delivered on a Saturday, we can do this for a small extra fee.


Where do you deliver?

Anywhere in Mainland UK. 


Can I collect my cake?

Yes, you will be able to select collection on the check our page, our address is Arch 286 Crown Street, London, SE5 0UR. By Appointment only. 


Do you make personalised cakes?

Yes, you can personalise any of the cakes on our website by adding a name and age on the order, if you want us to develop a specific design or theme that is not available on the website you can complete our personalise order form with a picture of the cake you are looking to replicate and we will send you a quote in a few hours.


How much notice do you need to place an order?

  • We only make a limited number of cakes per day. We recommend that you place your order well in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • You need to place your order at least 4 days in advance but we tend to be fully booked 2 weeks ahead, please order as soon as possible to avoid disappointments. 
  • You can place your order up to 6 months in advance.
  • Please note that if you are planning to cut the cake in the morning you should place the order and select a delivery date that is 2 days before your event. 


How should I choose my delivery date?

There will be a calendar on the checkout to select your preferred delivery date. 

You should select a delivery date which is 1 day or preferably 2 before your event, please see examples below but you must also consider the time of your event. Our cakes will last for 5 days from delivery therefore you must order for delivery in advance. 96% of our orders arrive on the day selected but 4% will be delayed and will arrive the day after anytime between 9am - 6pm which means that if it's delayed you will be getting the cake the following day up to 6pm. 

Please note that if you are planning to cut the cake in the morning you should place the order and select a delivery date that is 2 days before your event. 

The examples below are based on an evening event. 

If you are cutting the cake on Monday Evening you should order for Saturday (week before) 

If you are cutting the cake on Tuesday Evening you could order for Saturday or Tuesday. 

If you are cutting the cake on Wednesday Evening you should order for Tuesday 

If you are cutting the cake on Thursday Evening you should order for Wednesday 

If you are cutting the cake on Friday Evening you should order for  Thursday

If you are cutting the cake on Saturday Evening you should order for Friday 

If you are cutting the cake on Sunday you should order for Friday


What cake sizes do you make?

8 inches - 20 servings (Mainland UK delivery)

10 inches - 30 servings (Mainland UK delivery)

2-tiers cakes (10-8 inches) - 50 servings (Mainland UK delivery)

3-tiers Cakes (10-8-6 inches) - 65 servings (Only in London within the M25)

Do you need an even bigger cake? Please get in touch (Only in London within the M25)


What cake flavours do you make?

Any of our theme cakes can be made of the following flavours: vanilla, vanilla & strawberry jam, chocolate, salted caramel, Ferrero Rocher, vegan chocolate fudge, eggless vanilla or chocolate and gluten free vanilla or vanilla and strawberry jam.

Can you offer bespoke cake flavours?

Unfortunately we are unable to make bespoke flavours unless your cake is 3 tiers or bigger. 


Are any of your cakes suitable for vegetarians?

All our cakes and cakes are suitable for vegetarians, we also offer a vegan flavour that can be selected on any of our cakes. Our kitchen is 100% free of meat.


Are your cakes Halal?

Yes, our kitchen is 100% meat and alcohol free so there is no risk of contamination. Any grains (flour) and animal-derived foods such as eggs and milk are halal, this means our vegetarian cakes are suitable for halal diets.


Are your cakes suitable for people with nut allergies?

Currently our Ferrero Rocher Cake is the only cake that contains nuts, the rest of our cakes are nut free but please note, all our cakes are baked in the same facilities so it's possible that they may contain traces of nuts. For a full list of ingredients and allergens please visit our cake info page


Do you make Gluten free cakes?


Unfortunately we are unable to offer Gluten free cakes at present. 


Do you make Dairy-free cakes?

Yes! We offer one option, our Vegan Chocolate Fudge cake is suitable for dairy free diets.


Do you make Eggless Cakes?

Yes. We can offer Eggless vanilla or chocolate, you can select your favourite flavour on the product page.


Do you make sugar free cakes?

Unfortunately we are unable to make sugar free cakes at present, please sign up to our newsletter or follow us on any of our social media channels to be notified when sugar free cakes become available.

What is your Food Hygiene start rating? 

We are proud to have achieved 5* rating, please see click here to be redirected to the government's website to validate it. 

All cakes are delivered for free and directly to your door all over England, Scotland and Wales.  

You must place your order at least 4 days in advance to ensure we can bake and deliver your cake in time. If you want a cake for the next day, please call us on the phone and we'll do our best to accommodate your request if its possible. 

We recommend you choose a delivery date that is at least 1 but preferably 2 days before your event. This is to ensure that your cake arrives in time, even if our delivery partners may encounter an issue during the delivery process (ie. a snow storm!) Ordering in advance will have you covered. Our cakes keep perfectly fresh for one week without the use of preservatives. 96% of our orders arrive on the date selected but some will get delayed and arrive the following day between 8am and 6pm, please order accordingly. 

The day before you delivery date, you will receive a text message from our delivery partners to confirm a 4-hour delivery window. Generally, 90% of our cakes are delivered before noon.

If you're out when our delivery partners arrive, they will try and make contact with you on the number provided to see if we can deliver to somewhere else, or leave with a neighbour. If this is not possible, the cake will be kept within our delivery network, but please note that this would put the cake at risk of being delayed, damaged or redelivery is not always guaranteed. The best thing is to ensure you are available to receive the cake after you have been notified of the delivery window.

Our cakes are delivered in boxes that have been specifically designed to ensure your cake travels safe to its destination. We secure the cake using bespoke cardboard inserts and this cake box is suspended within another suspended shipper box to protect the cake. All cakes are delivered as a fragile item which is printed clearly on the packaging.


Please note that if your cake comes with some delicate sugar craft or cartoon decorations these will be wrapped separately and will require you to place them on the cake yourself, but don't worry, it is very easy to do and we will include a guide on how to do it.

For weddings and special events, we are able to help with specific delivery times, please contact us using our personalised orders cakes or contact form.

If you have further questions or prefer pick up or an alternative delivery method, please get in touch with us at