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About Us

Hello!  Thank you for popping by. We are glad that you are here and we appreciate your time and attention.

I understand that when you buy a cake you not only want a delicious sponge cake, but you also want a piece of art that is an extension of your personality, style and identity. I understand that you want a cake that makes people say 'Wow, that looks amazing' and my passion is to create cakes that make you special.

At EveryCake we want to be co-creators of your special day by adding colour and emotion to your celebration, and if you are buying a cake for someone else, we want you to give them a cake that impresses them, after all, cakes are an expression of love and joy, right?

Being so very passionate about cakes, I always dreamt of a shop where I could go in and have hundreds of designs and flavours to choose from. I dreamt of being able to choose colours, fillings, tiers and decorations and create my very own cake. That's exactly how EveryCake came to life and I am very excited about the possibility to make your special days truly special.

I am originally from Brazil where I was introduced to the art of confectionary where I had my first 'brick and mortar' bakery. I then travel to the United States where studied the art of cake making at Wilton School in Chicago and continue to grow my bakery, even supplying cakes to the then very successful Jamie's Italian in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 2017 I relocated to the UK and not long after EveryCake was started. Thank you for visiting my store.