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Football Cakes

football cakes

Football is the world's most popular sport and a favorite among kids and adults. We have a special treat for all your football fans: a collection of football cakes that you can use to celebrate your or your kid’s favourite football team.

Does your kid love to play football or a fan of one of the most popular football teams? How about a surprise party for your football fanatic kid's upcoming birthday? Any plans? Not yet! Don't fret; we have got you covered.

Why Football Cakes?

Cakes are not just a symbol of celebration but also a symbol of love. Football-themed cakes are great if you want something sporty to celebrate your football fanatic birthday or graduation ceremony. These cakes can be an excellent pick for boys and girls, teenagers and adults.

Show your football fanatic kid that his birthday isn't just his celebration but also the celebration of the bond of emotion he shares with a specific team. That you admire his love and passion for sports and extra-curricular activities.

Where Can You Buy Customised Football Cakes?

Many websites sell football cakes, and it can be overwhelming for the customer to choose the right one. Don’t fret! Look at the comprehensive collection of football-themed cakes on the EveryCake website.

Whether your kid's favorite football club is Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid or Barcelona, or AC Milan, we can create a cake that will not only represents the true colors of your kid's favorite football club but also make your loved ones feel special.

We at EveryCake can make a customized cake for the football club you or your kid love, with a personalized message to represent his special bonding with that particular team. You can also personalize your cake with a name and age for your favorite footie fan on their big day!

There is nothing better than a birthday party at the place of your dreams, right? Our customized football club-themed cake will make him feel like he is celebrating his birthday at his favorite football club.

Choose from various mouth-watering flavors, including sweet vanilla, velvety chocolate, and deluxe Ferrero Rocher. Let's take a look at the beautiful collection of football cakes.

Football Cakes Collection

Football cakes are not only limited to birthdays but also an excellent idea for end of the term party or a group of friends supporting a specific football team as well as to celebrate the victory of your favorite team because nothing tastes as great as a winning of your favorite team! No matter the occasion, it will be a showstopper and a crowd-pleaser.

Barcelona Cake

Sweeten your birthday boy on his special day with this exclusive Barcelona Cake! Street football star turned football superstar Lionel Messi has been breaking records since he first set foot on the pitch, and you have got his fan beside you in your home. Why not surprise him on his upcoming birthday by adding a Barcelona touch to the event.

This unique cake is ideal for football enthusiasts and the perfect gift to show your love for the sport. Our Barcelona Cake is available in 3 sizes to feed the whole team and can be personalized with a custom message of your choice.

It is the ideal present for any soccer fan's birthday, housewarming party, wedding, or anniversary. It is a great way to treat a friend or family member obsessed with Barcelona or Messi.

Manchester United

Manchester United cake is a dream come true for most football lovers. This sumptuous cake is an edible artistic masterpiece that captures the spirit of your favorite football team! With its rich and creamy, colorful chocolate icing and creative layers of fondant, this cake will surely be a hit for any football enthusiasts. This edible cake is decorated with your favorite football club's colors and the logo for your favorite team. The cake is available to order online and can be delivered straight to your door.

Chelsea Cake

    Every Chelsea fan will be excited to find our Chelsea Cake that comes in white and blue colors representing the team colors and the club crest on the top. The design is a tribute to the club, so you can share it with your friends and family and show how much you love the Blues. This delicious handmade Chelsea Cake is the perfect treat for any Chelsea fan that's sure to score! A Chelsea Cake is the ideal treat for any Chelsea fan.

    More Customised Football Cakes You Can Order on Our Website

    Themed cakes are a great way to celebrate anything, whether a birthday, an anniversary, a retirement, or a new job. They can also be a great way to celebrate a special event, like a football match. That's why we've created a wide range of football-themed cakes. The best thing about us is that we can customize cakes according to your requirements, and we deliver cakes at your doorstep.

    Real Madrid Cake

    Real Madrid is by far the most popular team in the world and, as such, is a favorite among football fans. This football club is not just your ordinary team; it is a club of legends, that is why it is the most popular in the world.

    Delight your Real Madrid fan with one of our gorgeous football-themed cakes. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or want to celebrate your fandom, our team can help you create a cake that is perfect for your occasion.

    You can choose from a wide range of delicious cake flavours - including our legendary salted caramel - and have your cake decorated with your football team logo, player name, or a message of your choice!

    All our cakes, including sports cake, are 100% vegetarian and halal and are available in 3 sizes and 9 delicious flavours, including a vegan version.


    Whether you're a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo or not, one thing is for sure; he's one of the most famous footballers. This cake is the perfect gift for the football fan in your life; this cake will make any Juventus fan's mouth water!

    More Football-Themed Cakes

    We recently created this cake for a customer who loves Liverpool FC. See our range of football cakes like Arsenal football cake, or if you are an AC Milan fan, then this cake is for you. We can prepare a cake with any theme or design you like - add the name of your team, and we will personalize it free of charge.

    So, that is too much football talk, but it doesn't mean you have to go somewhere else if you are a fan of other sports. We are as concerned for our Basketball, Cricket, and Volley Ball fans and are committed to providing them the best cakes for their special occasions.

    We also offer cakes of your favorite team in the NFL, NBA, and other leagues. We strongly hope that you'll like our Cricket and Volley Ball cakes too.

    Final Words:

    Our goal at EveryCake is to build a cake that appeals to people who love football but do not know how to bake one. We have a team of experts who specialize in creating football-themed cakes. They can help you choose the best cake for your celebration. The football cake is decorated how you want it to look and is usually made with vegan-friendly icing and customized toppings. What else are you looking for? Visit our website and order your favorite cake.

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