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Buttercream Cakes

buttercream cake

Your taste buds are calling for something deliciously decadent! Classic, creamy, quintessential Cream Cakes from EVERYCAKE brings you new and original flavors! A dessert in a class by itself; our cream cake makes the ultimate impression no matter the occasion.

Best Buttercream Cakes

Cream Cakes are a decadent treat with a creamy, layered, multi-dimensional taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth. So, why not give you a round-up of some of our best cream cakes that you can order from our website.


This round Ferrero Rocher Cream Cake is a masterpiece of creaminess, which is remarkable for any occasion or event. This large Ferrero Rocher Cake is tender and soft, surrounded by a delicious, smooth, and creamy buttercream.

The cake is the perfect combination of chocolate and hazelnut. Best of all, it's covered in a beautiful wrapper that looks like a Ferrero Rocher candy. There's no doubt that this cake will please your chocolate-loving friends and family members!

The stunning and delicious cream cake is now available in 8- and 10-inches sizes that can easily feed a small gathering with 10 large or 20 small slices. This mouthwatering cake comes with a Ferrero Rocher chocolate on top.


Say goodbye to the “cake-or-death” dilemma. Rejoice with a buttercream cake that is the ultimate celebration of simplicity and sophistication. This cake is everything you’re looking for: soft, salty, sweet, and adorable. It’s a whimsical take on the classic vanilla cake, the ideal celebration cake. What makes this buttercream cake so interesting?

It's made with various textures, making it an excellent surprise for your guests. This cake is decorated with macarons, like pillowy-soft meringue cookies, and tiny bits of colorful sprinkles to give the cake an artistic flair.

The buttercream frosting is swirled to create a soft, rustic cake that's unlike any other. Say "Happy Birthday," "Congratulations," or "I love you” in out-of-the-box style with this stunner of a cake.

Arranged with decorative macarons on top, this cake is sure to be the center of attention at any birthday or anniversary party. Made out of the finest quality ingredients, this cake is an indulgence that everyone will enjoy.


A chocolate lover's dream! This amazing KINDER BUENO BUTTERCREAM CAKE is the perfect treat for a chocolate lover. Long a favorite among Spaniards, Kinder Bueno has migrated to the rest of Europe and the world over.

 It is filled with delicious Kinder Bueno buttercream, decorated with Kinder Bueno biscuits, and finished with a gorgeous Kinder Bueno chocolate surprise. With our unique personalization service, you can add a special message to the cake plaque.

Choose from a selection of messages, write your own or add your name! Send them a Kinder Bueno cake for that special someone and bring a smile to their face with every bite!


Is there a better combination than OREO cookies and cream or OREO buttercream? No. Our take on the classic Oreo cake is a decadent, rich chocolate sponge with Oreo crumbs as well as chopped Oreos for crunch and creaminess.

We use a delicious Oreo buttercream and make it look elegant by topping it with our Oreo & chocolate dipping. Our Oreo buttercream is a thick, buttery, creamy and crunchy ingredient loved by all. The Oreo sponge is a sponge cake where the chocolate sponge is both light and soft.

This OREO BUTTERCREAM CAKE is the perfect treat for any occasion. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, looking for a treat for your family, or need a dessert for a potluck, this OREO BUTTERCREAM CAKE will be the belle of the ball.


Our Biscoff buttercream cake is moist and rich. The sponge is made with buttermilk and Biscoff spread, which is a perfect blend of crunchy cookie and smooth caramel. Paired with rich, creamy buttercream and a crunchy Lotus biscuit on top – it's no wonder Biscoff cake won the Best Cake Award. Pair it with our Lotus Biscoff cupcakes, and you'll become a Biscoff addict.

The very aroma of this cake is enough to make you reach out for a slice. The velvety goodness of its vanilla sponge is sure to make it a hit! Indulge yourself with its buttery flavor, and indulgent texture drenched in delicious Biscoff buttercream spread and topped with Lotus biscuits.

Where to Order Best Quality Buttercream Cakes

EVERYCAKE takes pride in offering you only the most delicious cream caked to celebrate your occasions and events. We have a range of cream and buttercream cakes for you to suit every person and their taste buds. It doesn't matter what the occasion is, we have something to suit your needs.

Whether you’re hosting an event, feeding the family, entertaining guests, or indulging yourself, our cream cake collection is your best bet. We are your one-stop shop when you need that special cake for any occasion, whether you're looking for a light, fluffy white cake or a frosted or ganache-topped cake. Our buttercream cakes are truly luscious, and we use only fresh ingredients to deliver you nothing less than the best!



Whether you love to sink your teeth into a traditional buttercream birthday cake or prefer a twist on the classic for your wedding anniversary, we have the best-themed cakes in the UK. You can choose which flavor fillings and toppings you desire, and we will bake them fresh for you using the best ingredients available. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the range of cream cakes we provide.


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