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What makes a Bespoke Wedding Cake

What makes a Bespoke Wedding Cake

If you have already decided to have a cake at your wedding reception, you may have already browsed through the wedding cakes available online, only to find that they are all the same - in the same colors, with the same flowers, same style, and same look.

But you want something different, something original, something unique: just like you are. If so, then a Bespoke Wedding cake is the answer to your wedding cake imagination. Wedding cake designs are always unique, and bespoke wedding cake designs are certainly no exception! Be the envy of your friends and family with your bespoke wedding cake design!

What is a Bespoke Wedding Cake?

A bespoke wedding cake is a cake that is designed specially and only for you - no one else! Do you have a unique personality and sense of style? Are you a unique, free-thinking individual who believes in being original? If any or all of these are true, then a bespoke wedding cake is for you!

What makes a bespoke wedding cake?

As you may have guessed, it's not simply the fact that your cake is personalized. There are many steps involved in the bespoke wedding cake process, but they all lead to one goal - a stunning and delicious bespoke wedding cake that captures your personality and style.

That being said, some key elements make up a bespoke wedding cake:

  • A custom-designed flavour combination based on your favourite flavours and preferences
  • Stunning artistry that you can proudly display at your reception (and beyond)
  • The highest quality ingredients available (organic or natural when possible)

Why Bespoke Cake for your wedding?

  • Your wedding cake is a work of art entirely customised to your style. It's the centerpiece of your wedding day and one of the essential elements, so it should reflect who you are as a couple.
  • Every detail is bespoke: from the colours and materials used for the cake to how many tiers it will have and even how many flowers adorn each tier.
  • Each bespoke wedding cake is unique, just as no two people are identical – with thousands of options available, plenty more personal touches can be added to make your wedding cake truly special.

Bespoke Cake Inspiration

The beauty of a bespoke wedding cake is that it is utterly unique to you. The cake is a work of art entirely customized to your style. Each cake made is one-of-a-kind, just as no two people are identical.

Bespoke cakes are designed with you in mind, which means they can be made to fit your style and theme perfectly. If you love vintage cars, then why not have a vintage car on your cake? If you're having a garden-themed wedding, why not have flowers and greenery adorning the top? The possibilities do go on forever!

Say "I do" to the sweetest Bespoke wedding cake that's as personal as it is exquisite. Whether planning your nuptials or attending one as a guest, nothing says celebration like a delicious layer cake.

We know your wedding day's unique, so we've created sumptuous flavors to satisfy every palate. The best part is, a bespoke cake from us means one less thing for you to worry about on your big day.

Do bespoke wedding cakes cost more?

A bespoke wedding cake is a custom-designed and crafted piece of edible art, but does it cost more than a standard bakery cake? The answer is yes and no. How much you spend on your wedding cake depends on the style you choose, how many servings are needed, and what design elements you decide on.

In general, though, the price tag for a bespoke wedding cake will be higher than their mass-produced counterparts because they're made by hand with natural ingredients (no artificial flavors). The craftsmanship required also means that there's far less margin for error when baking these specialty desserts, making them harder to produce at scale.

It's all about you and just you.

Bespoke wedding cakes are designed with you in mind and are unique cake that has never been created before. It's not just the design that is unique and tailored to you; it's also the process. The bespoke wedding cake maker will get to know you and your partner so they can deliver a design that perfectly reflects both of you. It means there are no cookie-cutter cakes here! Instead, each bespoke piece is designed especially for you, using your favourite colours and flavors.

How to order a Bespoke Cake?

EveryCake is the perfect spot to select your wedding cake if you're looking for a bespoke wedding cake design. Our delicious, handmade creations are available in various designs that suit your wedding style.

Welcome to the world of mouth-watering wedding cakes for two. We'll happily geek out with you over flavour combinations, your chosen design, and other wedding cake options. Give us a call, WhatsApp us, or fill out this form for a quote and we’ll get you started on one of the sweetest things you’ll ever do.

During our call or chat, we will discuss all aspects of making a bespoke wedding cake, including design ideas and inspiration boards; color schemes; flavour choices; sizes, etc., taking into account what type of occasion you're planning on having, e.g., casual vs. formal (or somewhere in between). We also learn about any dietary requirements or allergies that may need special consideration when designing your bespoke wedding cake!


If you're considering a bespoke wedding cake, we hope this article has given you some insight into what makes them unique. There are many steps involved in the process, but all of them lead to one goal - a stunning and delicious bespoke wedding cake that captures your personality and style.

Bespoke cakes can be made in any shape, size, or flavour, but they must be unique to you! We have a wide variety of flavours available at our online cake store, so please visit us soon so we can start working together on your very own design!

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